Food and crafts in San Pedro? Go to Mercado Guamilito

domingo, 20 de enero de 2008

Food and crafts in San Pedro? Go to Mercado Guamilito


Let's say you are visiting San Pedro and want to taste our real food, the first option should be "El Mercado Guamilito. Located in the "Barrio Guamilito" the mercado (market) i'ts famous to us the locals by his food and to the tourists by his crafts. For us working people the day that we can actually go and enjoy the moment its on Sunday, so you can go in your shorts, t-shirts and flip flops and enjoy good food. What food? of course mainly our famous baleada, wheat flour tortilla filled with cheese, cream and fried beans; or the "baleada especial" that has all the ingredients mentioned before plus avocado, pork, beef, eggs, etc, you name it. Or if you're like that wants to enjoy the flavor of each ingredient get yourself a "desayuno" or breakfast, so you can pick whatever you want.

Pictures (from left to right): 1. Tamarindo, Horchata and Maracuya Juices 2. Hummm..fried pork 3. Estelina's Buffet 4. Sopa de Mondongo (drooling..)

El Guamilito offers to both nationals and tourists the most complete selection of handicrafts in Honduras. Also the normal vegetables, fruits, species, and of course, flowers.

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